Can't miss CNY concerts for October

If you want to create a music "scene" for yourself in Syracuse, you need to expand your horizons (specifically south to Ithaca and west to Buffalo). Luckily, October is a pretty robust month.

Fellow blogger Jett Wells did a good job of highlighting the premier show to catch this month (indie darling St. Vincent, one of the best albums of the year thus far in my opinion).  There are few other shows worth noting in October though, so pull out your calendars accordingl


Dave Brubeck - 10/10 (Sat) in Buffalo

Go ahead, call me a square. Brubeck would be proud. The modern father of mathematical jazz brings his rhythmic experiments to Buffalo for a rare opportunity to catch a jazz legend in Central New York. I managed to see Brubeck four years ago in Stroudsburg, Pa. and I still claim it as a top three concert of my lifetime in terms of pure talent on stage. Brubeck turns 89 this year and somehow still has the dexterity to solo in 5/4 or play "Blue Rondo" a bit above the recording's tempo.

Hanson/Hellogoodbye - 10/16 (Fri) in Clifton Park

Wait, uh... this is a great one to take your younger sister who's conveniently in town that weekend to see. I don't know anyone who owns the Hellogoodbye album or thinks "Where's The Love" is one of the more underrated 90s jams. You should totally skip this.

Portugal The Man - 10/17 (Sat) in Syracuse

I remember the first time I heard these guys on I thought the New Radicals had reunited (love those guys). With eerily similar vocals and a tendency to promote sing-a-longs, Portugal The Man is one up-and-coming act worth catching when they pass through. Do it for the simple fact that they've come all the way from Alaska to make it happen. (All right, so they reside in Portland now. Check them out and you'll go for the music anyway).

Saul Williams - 10/23  (Fri) in Toronto

It takes a pretty legitimate act to sway me to Canada (that's not entirely true, nothing beats a Canadian roadtrip. Their ticket prices just seem to be higher). Saul Williams fits the bill though. If you want some edgy, emotion rap infused with electronica infused with simply heavy music, he's your guy. The track you recognize is "List of Demands" (made famous in a Nike commercial) but there's a reason all of his most recent album garnered rave reviews.


That, along with St. Vincent, makes up this month's Top 5. If you don't believe me, I suppose you can check out the rest of the calendar below.


CNY Upcoming Shows for October


David Sedaris - 10/1 (Thur)

Matt & Kim - 10/2 (Fri)

Dave Brubeck - 10/10 (Sat)

AC DC - 10/18 (Sun)

St. Vincent/Andrew Bird - 10/21 (Wed)



Jim Gaffigan - 10/9 (Fri)

Branford Marseillas - 10/18 (Sun)

Silverspun Pickups - 10/23 (Fri) [and also 10/18 (Sun) Clifton Park]


Albany (and Clifton Park)

Ghostface Killah - 10/2 (Fri)

Jerry Seinfeld - 10/2 (Fri)

Dinosaur Jr. - 10/4 (Sun)

R. Kelly - 10/10 (Sat)

Hanson/Hellogoodbye - 10/16 (Fri)

New Found Glory - 10/22 (Thur)



New Pornographers - 10/3 (Sat)

The Bravery - 10/6 (Tues)

Vampire Weekend - 10/8 (Thur)

Saul Williams - 10/23  (Fri)


Scatted across NY State (but within driving distance)

They Might Be Giants - 10/1 (Thur) Ithaca

The Misfits - 10/9 (Fri) Cheektowaga

Kate Voegle - 10/13 (Tues) Troy

Earl Greyhound - 10/20 (Tues) Troy

St. Vincent - 10/22 (Thur)  Ithaca



Michael Bolton - 10/5 (Mon)

John Edward - 10/10-10/11 (Sat/Sun)

"Pictures at an Exhibition" w/ The Syracuse Symphonic Orchestra - 10/16

Portugal The Man - 10/17 (Sat)

Dashboard Confessional - 10/23 (Fri)

Vertical Horizon 10/26 (Mon)

The Whigs - 10/29 (Thur)

Good catch. Thanks. :) And

Good catch. Thanks. :)

And Nate -- Thanks for the awesome list. Looks like there's some pretty great stuff coming up!! I'll totally be at that Portugal The Man show, with bells on.

Buffalo is west of Syracuse,

Buffalo is west of Syracuse, not north.

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